At UN, India says de-escalation of Russia-Ukraine tensions should be immediate priority, calls for utmost restraint by "all sides" | India News

At UN, India says de-escalation of Russia-Ukraine tensions should be immediate priority, calls for utmost restraint by “all sides” | India News


UN / New Delhi: India has said that easing Russia-Ukraine tensions should be an immediate priority and “all parties” should exercise “maximum restraint” as it told a UN meeting that the growing crisis could only be resolved through diplomatic talks. .
“We cannot tolerate military escalation,” TS Thirumurthy, India’s permanent representative to the UN, told an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council over Ukraine on Monday night, and expressed “deep concern” over escalating tensions with Russia over the Ukraine border.
Tirumurthy further said that these developments have the potential to undermine peace and security in the region.
Noting the safety and security of civilians, he said more than 20,000 Indian students and citizens live and study in different parts of Ukraine, including its border areas. “The well-being of Indian citizens is a priority for us.”
The Indian embassy in Ukraine on Tuesday renewed its request for Indian students to leave the country temporarily.
Meanwhile, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh stressed that India stands for peace and the Ukraine crisis should be resolved through dialogue.
“India wants to establish peace by any means. We are sure that when the talks take place, one way or the other will come out,” Singh told reporters on the sidelines of an election meeting at Banshi Bazar in Baliar, Uttar Pradesh.
Asked about India’s position, he said, “We want peace. We have always been for world peace.”
Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said the Russia-Ukraine crisis and the subsequent jump in global crude prices was a challenge to India’s financial stability.
Sitharaman told reporters in Mumbai that two issues were discussed at the meeting of the Financial Stability Development Council (FSDC), which consists of regulators from all financial sectors.
“The international concern is where we really voiced that we want a diplomatic solution to the situation that is developing in Ukraine … these are all headwinds,” Sitharaman said.
He added that trade was not affected by the geopolitical tensions but the government was keeping a close eye on it and was careful not to hurt exporters.
President Putin on Monday signed a decree recognizing the territories of Ukraine’s “Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics” as “independent”, raising tensions in the region and raising fears of a Moscow attack on Ukraine. He ordered Russian troops to move into eastern Ukraine in what the Kremlin called a “peacekeeping” mission in the Moscow-backed region.
Ambassador Tirumurthy told the UN General Assembly that India was closely following the development of Ukraine’s eastern border and the growing development of Ukraine, including the declaration of the Russian Federation.
“The escalation of tensions on the Ukrainian border with the Russian Federation is a matter of deep concern. These developments have the potential to undermine peace and security in the region,” he said.
“We call on all parties to exercise restraint. The immediate priority is to reduce tensions in the legitimate security interests of all countries and to ensure long-term peace and stability in the region and beyond.”
Ambassador Tirumurthy strongly emphasizes the “urgent need for all parties” to exercise “maximum restraint” in maintaining international peace and security and to intensify diplomatic efforts to ensure a mutually amicable solution as soon as possible.
“We are convinced that this issue can only be resolved through diplomatic talks. We need to focus on the recent initiatives taken by the parties seeking to escalate tensions,” Tirumurthy said. And including under the Normandy format.
“Our parties need to work harder to bridge the gap. We cannot afford military growth.”
Tirumurti stressed that the Minsk agreements provide a basis for a negotiated and peaceful settlement and “we need to make more efforts to find common ground to facilitate the implementation of the provisions of the Minsk agreement, including key security and political aspects.”
He added that India had “repeatedly” stressed that constructive diplomacy needed time to avoid escalating tensions.



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