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TORONTO: Canadian lawmakers voted Monday night to increase emergency powers that could force police to suppress any possible resumption of blockades by opponents of the Covid-19 ban.
In the House of Commons, lawmakers voted 185 to 151 to secure power.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had earlier said that power was still needed after the police ended the occupation of the country’s capital by truckers over the weekend and before the police ended the border blockade.
Emergency Preparedness Minister Bill Blair said the protesters were “going for the blood of this nation, which is trade with the United States.”
Trudeau noted that there were some truckers just outside Ottawa who were planning more blockades or occupations. His public safety minister said an attempt was made to block a border crossing in British Columbia over the weekend.
Emergency law allows authorities to declare certain areas as no-go zones. It allows police to seize truck drivers’ personal and corporate bank accounts and force tow truck companies to remove vehicles.
Trucker protests escalated until it closed several Canadian-US border posts and closed key parts of the capital for more than three weeks. But all border blockades are now over and the streets around the Canadian Parliament are quiet.
Ottle protesters who had ever promised to give up, most of the people have gone, the police chased them in riot gear, which was the biggest police campaign in the history of the country.
“The situation is still fragile, there is still a state of emergency,” Trudeau said before the vote.
Opposition New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh’s party backed it, confirming that Trudeau had enough votes. Singh said he knew protesters were waiting in Ottawa and surrounding areas in the capital.
“They need to be cleared,” said Singh, who further added that the convoy had been stopped there.
“This is an attack on our democracy. This is a group of people who are very clearly associated with the extreme right. The organizers are clearly aiming to weaken democracy. This is something we cannot allow to continue.”
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police said those whose bank accounts were seized were “influenced by illegal protests in Ottawa and vehicle owners and / or drivers who did not want to leave the area.”
Finance Minister Christiaan Freeland said there was an easy way for anyone who has suffered losses before to close their accounts: “Stop being part of the blockade,” she said.
Public Safety Minister Marco Mendisino said allowing police to designate downtown Ottawa as a no-go zone has been particularly effective. There are about 100 police checkposts. “We saw calm, serenity and calm,” Mendisino said.
Trucker protests escalated until it closed several Canada-US border posts and closed key parts of the capital city for more than three weeks.
“While we will always defend the right of the people to express their opinions, expressions and assemblies, there are limitations to the rights when they begin to affect the rights of others so severely and we have seen them here in Ottawa,” Blair said. “We have seen with increasing concern as part of this protest group that critical infrastructure began to be targeted when they went to the Windsor border.”
But all border blockades are now over and the streets around the Canadian Parliament are quiet.
The protests, which were originally aimed at ordering a Covid-19 vaccine for cross-border truckers but also include outrage over the Covid-19 ban and hatred of Trudeau, reflect the spread of confusion in Canada and provoke populists and right-wingers. Anger
Freedom of self-styled convoy tarnished Canada’s reputation for civilization, disrupted inspired convoy and trade in France, New Zealand and the Netherlands, causing economic damage on both sides of the border. Hundreds of trucks eventually took to the streets around Parliament, a demonstration that was partly a protest and partly a carnival.
The Ambassador Bridge between Windsor, Ontario and Detroit was blocked at the busiest U.S.-Canada border crossing for about a week. The crossing sees more than 25% of trade between the two countries.
Authorities opposed the protest with all available police forces, special services and the army. ”
Authorities opposed the protest with all available police forces, special services and the army. ” Eventually, police arrested at least 191 people and tore down 79 vehicles. As the pressure increased, many protesters retreated.
Trudeau said people in Ottawa had been harassed for weeks and that the border blockade had stalled billions of dollars in trade, putting people’s jobs at risk.
Protests in the United States have been hailed by Fox News personalities and conservatives such as former US President Donald Trump. Millions of dollars in grants for protesters have flowed across the border.
“Canada is flooded with misinformation and confusion, including foreign sources,” Trudeau said.
With these illegal blockades and occupations receiving an alarming amount of foreign funding to destabilize Canadian democracy, it is clear that more tools are needed to restore order in local and provincial authorities, “she added.



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