Issues we confront in Indo-Pacific will extend beyond region, says EAM Jaishankar | India News

Issues we confront in Indo-Pacific will extend beyond region, says EAM Jaishankar | India News


PARIS: Stressing the importance of the Indo-Pacific, Foreign Minister (EAM) S Jayashankar on Tuesday said the region is at the center of diversity and reconciliation, marking contemporary changes.
Jayashankar made the remarks during his three-day visit to France to attend the EU Ministerial Forum for Cooperation in Indo-Pacific.
Speaking at the inaugural session of the EU Ministerial Forum on Indo-Pacific Affairs, he said: Respect for integrity and sovereignty. ”
“It means freeing the economy, coercion and politics, free from the threat of coercion. It means observing global rules and practices and refraining from making claims in the global commune,” he added.
Noting that France is one of the first countries to recognize the strategic geography of the region, the minister said that France is a resident power in the Indo-Pacific.
“Today, we see the challenges … the clarity that proximity brings. And trust me, distance is not a barrier. The problems we face in the Indo-Pacific will extend beyond Europe. So we welcome the EU’s commitment to contribute. For security, ”he added.
Jayashankar further mentioned that it has remained a maritime century and will help shape the future tide of the Indo-Pacific region.
Last week, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell Fontelles said the EU had devised a strategy, especially for the region, because members of the 27-member bloc believed it would write a history of mankind in the region.
He was speaking at a panel discussion in Germany on the importance of the Indo-Pacific.
Last year, the EU adopted its Indo-Pacific strategy aimed at increasing employment in the region. Through policy, the bloc seeks to deepen its engagement with Indo-Pacific partners in response to emerging dynamics that are affecting regional stability.
Speaking on “Earth and Water: Intersecting Politics of Eurasia and the Indo-Pacific”, Fontelles said, “When we talk about the rise of the Indo-Pacific … the EU believes that this rise is nothing new. Indo-Pacific There are. ”



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