Putin News: Russian President Putin recognises Ukraine rebel regions as independent | World News

Putin News: Russian President Putin recognises Ukraine rebel regions as independent | World News


MOSCOW: Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday recognized the two breakaway regions of eastern Ukraine as independent entities, heading east toward a crisis that could trigger a major war in the West.
In a lengthy televised speech, Putin described Ukraine as an integral part of Russian history and said that eastern Ukraine was an ancient Russian land and that he was confident that the Russian people would support his decision.
Putin announced his decision in a phone call to the leaders of Germany and France, who expressed frustration, the Kremlin said, and later appeared on state television to sign the decree.
Moscow’s move could torpedo the last-minute bid for a summit with US President Joe Biden to prevent Russia from invading Ukraine, and as Putin spoke about it, the ruble increased its losses, falling 3.3% a day to 79.83 against the dollar.
Putin delivered a lengthy televised speech that ended with his announcement, exploring the history of the Ottoman Empire and the recent tensions over NATO’s eastward expansion – a major setback for Moscow in the current crisis.
“I think a decision needs to be made long ago – immediately recognizing the independence and sovereignty of the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic,” Putin said.
He had previously said that “if Ukraine joins NATO, it will be a direct threat to Russia’s security.”
Putin has worked for many years to restore Russia’s influence over the countries raised after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and Ukraine holds an important place in his ambitions.
Russia has denied any involvement in the attack on its neighbor, but has threatened indefinite “military-technical” action unless Ukraine receives comprehensive security guarantees, including a promise that it will never join NATO.
Recognition of rebel-held territories could open the way for Moscow to openly deploy two separatist territories – Donetsk and Luhansk – and argue that it is intervening as an ally to protect them against Ukraine.
Alexander Borodai, a Russian member of parliament and former Donetsk political leader, said separatists would then look to Russia to help them control parts of the two territories still under Ukrainian control.



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